Through initialPrefabs

Under initialPrefabs, I’ve worked on DANI AI, the Kitty in the Box franchise, and Emissary in the Squat of Gods. I’ll briefly describe them here, our website still needs to be update. :)

  • DANI AI is a visual artificial intelligence editor for Unity which follows the design principles of an artificial neural network, emulating the thought process of a human being! The tool has been simplified to create different which mimic human senses, thought processes, and action execution.

  • The Kitty in the Box franchise includes the mobile and VR version where you train your your kitty to learn jump in boxes.

  • Emissary in the Squat of Gods is an art exhibit modelling a human ecosystem which uses DANI AI to run each agent!

Procedurally Generated Content

Details coming soon!

Velcro - Cubeball

Cubeball is a local multiplayer soccer game which tied for third place at the CUNY Hackathon. However, Cubeball aims to push the limits of what’s considered local multiplayer. Instead, have people physically play with each other on a single screen using their phones as controllers! Each player controls a cube avatar and attempts to push the ball into the goal. To implement the game, Twilio was used such that players can text their movement to our server.

Viacom Dora

Viacom Dora is a 2D point and click scavenger game designed for kids built at Hack BU, which won second place in the best Media Hack. Players collect as many items as they can within the time limit and are transitioned into a page where they can record themselves state the Spanish equivalent of the item they collected. From there, players can replay their own recording and compare it with the actual Spanish word.

Battle Blocks Royale

Battle Blocks Royale was a project I lead in ACM Gamedev session where I taught beginners the basics of game development and software design. It is a third person top down arena game where you fight other cubes to the death. This game features a delegate and static event system in C# to handle many of the features in game (shooting, healing, power ups, UI, etc).

Break Bread With Friends

Break Bread is a Django application built in the Fall of 2015 in Professor Grossberg’s Web Design and Application Class. Simply put, it is an online restaurant POS system in which customers can schedule tables at their earliest convenience and restuarants can easily manage this sort of system.


P2PBooks is a semesterly long software engineering project in Professor Jie Wei’s class. The project walked through the entire software development cycle. The repo contains all of the source code and specification reports.